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Opening keynote: Federal politics on the cusp of major climate policy

Phil Sharp
Resources for the Future

Phil Sharp, former member of Congress and president emeritus of Resources for the Future, discussed the Green New Deal, a proposed U.S. legislative package that aims to address climate change and economic inequality. For now, the GND is a pair of resolutions in the House and the Senate, but GND leaders hope to pass multiple pieces of detailed legislation in the House in 2020, each with more specificity.

Debate: Should California continue to build its high-speed rail system?

Lenny Mendonca
California High Speed Rail Authority
Dan Richard
California High Speed Rail Authority
Dan Schnur
Institute of Governmental Studies, UC-Berkeley
Steve Westly
California State Controller (former); The Westly Group
Jeff Byron
Band of Angels

Closing keynote: California leadership for climate and energy

Kate Gordon
Gov. Newsom's Office of Planning & Research

Kate Gordon, director of the California Governor's Office of Planning & Research, explained how the state is moving from ambitious goals to direct action on climate change. In particular, Kate focused on two areas that are top-of-mind for the Newsom administration: catastrophic wildfires, and the intersection of housing and transportation systems.

TED-style talks by energy startup founders

Adrian Albert
Cara Beasley
Aligned Carbon
Cody Finke
Jill Fuss
Pedram Mokrian profile photo
Pedram Mokrian
Matt Price profile photo
Matt Price
Cyclotron Road

Revolution in personal transportation: AVs, EVs, mobility as a service

Austin Brown
UC-Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment & the Economy
Regina Clewlow
Sara Rafalson
Mark Platshon
Icebreaker Ventures

Wildfires and electricity systems: risks, costs, finance and policy options

Margaret Peloso
Vinson & Elkins
Michael Wara
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
James Sweeney

Innovations in achieving corporate clean energy goals

Mary Curtiss
Urvi Parekh
Natasha Tuck
Marianna Grossman
Minerva Ventures

Managing the grid with increased renewables: Technologies and solutions

Haresh Kamath
Mark Martinez
Southern California Edison
Gabriel D. Taylor
California Energy Commission
Mary Ann Piette
Berkeley Lab

PG&E’s bankruptcy and its implications

Ralph Cavanagh
Mike Florio
CPUC (former); Florio Consulting
Frank Lindh
CPUC (former); practicing attorney
Gary Ackerman
Western Power Trading Forum

Mitigating climate change:  New technologies and processes

Sally Benson
Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford
Matteo Cargnello
Chemical Engineering Dept., Stanford
Aaron Lapsley profile photo
Steven Chu
Physics Dept. and School of Medicine, Stanford
Barbara Heydorn
SVES Planning Committee

New energy programs coming to a community choice aggregator near you

Girish Balachandran
Silicon Valley Clean Energy
Lori Mitchell
City of San Jose
Jan Pepper
Peninsula Clean Energy
Haresh Kamath profile photo
Jeff Byron
Band of Angels

Conversations: Small Group, Informal Round-Table Discussions

Phil Sharp
National Energy Policy
Margaret Peloso
Wildfires and Electricity
Austin Brown
Personal Transportation
Natasha Tuck
Corporation Transformations
Marianna Grossman
Corporation Transformations
Dan Richard
California High Speed Rail