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Keynote: Energy’s role in improving the state of the world

Cheryl Martin profile photo
Cheryl Martin
World Economic Forum

Cheryl Martin, head of the World Economic Forum’s Global Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, will discuss the systems thinking and platform approach that are core tenets of the Forum. From 2011 to 2015, Martin was in charge of commercialization at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Project Agency, Energy (ARPA-E).

SVES Debate: "Cars Against Humanity" Will self-driving cars hurt the environment?

Brian Goncher profile photo
Brian Goncher
Jeff Greenblatt profile photo
Jeff Greenblatt
Emerging Futures
Michael Ostrovsky profile photo
Michael Ostrovsky
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Ognen Stojanovski profile photo
Ognen Stojanovski
Uber (former); Stanford
Jeff Byron profile photo
Jeff Byron
Band of Angels

Plenary panel Unscripted: A Wide-open Look at Energy and Climate

Chris Field profile photo
Chris Field
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
John Weyant profile photo
John Weyant
Energy Modeling Forum, Stanford
Jim Sweeney profile photo
Jim Sweeney
PEEC, Stanford

TED-style talks by visionary founders at Cyclotron Road

Colin Bailie profile photo
Colin Bailie
Andrew Hsieh profile photo
Andrew Hsieh
Jess Morrison profile photo
Jess Morrison
Sarah Richardson profile photo
Sarah Richardson
Vince Romanin profile photo
Vince Romanin
Jared Schwede profile photo
Jared Schwede
Spark Thermionics
Pedram Mokrian profile photo
Pedram Mokrian
Matt Price profile photo
Matt Price
Cyclotron Road

NAFTA Renegotiations: What’s at stake for Silicon Valley?

Gemi José González López profile photo
Gemi José González López
Consul General of Mexico in San Francisco
Rana Sarkar profile photo
Rana Sarkar
Consul General of Canada in San Francisco
Bruce Cain profile photo
Bruce Cain

Innovations for microgrids: California Energy Commission's EPIC program

Doug Black profile photo
Doug Black
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Vipul Gore profile photo
Vipul Gore
Sila Kiliccote profile photo
Sila Kiliccote
SLAC, Stanford
Laurie ten Hope profile photo
Laurie ten Hope
California Energy Commission

Surge in community choice for electricity and its potential risks

Jan Pepper profile photo
Jan Pepper
Peninsula Clean Energy
Beth Vaughan profile photo
Beth Vaughan
California Community Choice Association
John White profile photo
John White
Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies

New tools for managing your climate risk

Nathan Bengtsson profile photo
Nathan Bengtsson
Dan McElhinney profile photo
Dan McElhinney
Cole Roberts profile photo
Cole Roberts
Dinesh Sharma profile photo
Dinesh Sharma
Jupiter Intelligence
Marianna Grossman profile photo
Marianna Grossman
Minerva Ventures

Electrification of transportation at scale: Myth or reality?

John Boesel profile photo
John Boesel
Monterey Gardiner  profile photo
Monterey Gardiner
Courtney Prideaux Smith profile photo
Courtney Prideaux Smith
California Energy Commission
Sven Beiker profile photo
Sven Beiker
Stanford and Silicon Valley Mobility

Cybersecurity: Safely using IoT for energy efficient buildings

Ravi Jadhav profile photo
Ravi Jadhav
Jeff Klaben profile photo
Jeff Klaben
SRI International
Aaron Lapsley profile photo
Aaron Lapsley
Cushman Wakefield
Ralph Renne profile photo
Ralph Renne

Energy storage and renewables

Magnus Asbo profile photo
Magnus Asbo
SolarEdge Technologies
Andras Boross profile photo
Andras Boross
Stem, Inc.
Todd Strauss profile photo
Todd Strauss
Haresh Kamath profile photo
Haresh Kamath
Electric Power Research Institute