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Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2018

Feb 3 2019 | Forbes | Posted In: Press
California is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of America when it comes to electric vehicle adoption, but so far most of those EVs are owned by one sort of dude.
Jun 28 2018 | Stanford Daily | Posted In: Press
Attendees at the annual Silicon Valley Energy Summit (SVES) on Thursday, Jun. 21 developed plans that may enhance energy efficiency, both in the United States and worldwide. The event, which occurs annually, addressed contemporary issues with energy that affect both individuals and firms.
Jun 27 2018 | PEEC | Posted In: News
By Mark Golden STANFORD, Calif.—Autonomous vehicles are bad for the environment, argued the team that triumphed in the annual debate at Stanford University’s Silicon Valley Energy Summit. Polling before the debate had the audience—both in person and following live on YouTube—squarely supporting...