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Energy and Environment in the Trump Administration

Alice Hill profile photo
Alice Hill
Hoover Institution; National Security Council (former)
Franklin Orr profile photo
Franklin Orr
Stanford; U.S. Dept. of Energy (former)
Jonathan Pershing profile photo
Jonathan Pershing
Hewlett Fndn.; former lead U.S. negotiator to UNFCCC
Liz Sherwood-Randall profile photo
Liz Sherwood-Randall
U.S. Dept. of Energy (former)
Jim Sweeney profile photo
James Sweeney
Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, Stanford

Luncheon Debate: Benefits to the U.S. of Fracking Shale Oil and Gas Outweigh the Environmental Costs

Dane Boysen profile photo
Dane Boysen
Cyclotron Road
Lena Moffitt profile photo
Lena Moffitt
Sierra Club
Briana Mordick profile photo
Briana Mordick
Mark Zoback profile photo
Mark Zoback
Jeffrey Ball profile photo
Jeffrey Ball
Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy & Finance

Physical and Cyber Security in the Grid: How Vulnerable Is the U.S. Electrical System

Steve Berberich profile photo
Steve Berberich
California Independent System Operator
Liz Sherwood-Randall profile photo
Liz Sherwood-Randall
U.S. Dept. of Energy (former)
Jon Wellinghoff profile photo
Jon Wellinghoff
FERC (former)
Dian Gruneich profile photo
Dian Grueneich
PEEC and Shultz-Stephenson Energy Policy Task Force

Transportation Data and the Energy System

Adam Langton profile Photo
Adam Langton
Jane Macfarlane profile photo
Jane Macfarlane
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mark Platshon profile photo
Mark Platshon
Icebreaker Ventures—The Autonomous World Fund
Stephen Zoepf profile photo
Stephen Zoepf
Center for Automotive Research, Stanford

Supercharging Silicon Valley’s Triple Bottom Line

Kat Donnelly profile photo
Kat Donnelly
Jillian Rich profile photo
Jillian Rich
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Sandra Slater profile photo
Sandra Slater
Cool City Challenge
Carrie Armel profile photo
Carrie Armel
Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, Stanford

Community Choice Aggregation for Santa Clara County, San Mateo County and Beyond

Tom Habashi profile photo
Tom Habashi
Silicon Valley Clean Energy
Rand Havens profile photo
Rand Havens
Shell Energy N.A.
Jan Pepper profile photo
Jan Pepper
Peninsula Clean Energy
Ralph Renne profile photo
Ralph Renne

Alternative Models for Investing in Energy

Greg Kats profile photo
Greg Kats
ARENA Investments
Debjit Mukerji profile photo
Debjit Mukerji
next47, Siemens
Abe Yokell profile photo
Abe Yokell
Congruent Ventures
Pedram Mokrian profile photo
Pedram Mokrian
The Ratio Group

Controlling Buildings via the Cloud: Efficiency at What Cost?

Kevin Facinelli profile photo
Kevin Facinelli
Daikin Applied Americas, Inc.
Michael Franco profile photo
Michael Franco
Michel Kamel profile photo
Michel Kamel
MelRok, LLC
Ulf Lindqvist
Ulf Lindqvist
SRI International
Mukesh Khattar profile photo
Mukesh Khattar
Electric Power Research Institute

Advanced Energy Efficiency in Practice

Lauren Casentini profile photo
Lauren Casentini
Resource Innovations
Kurt Shickman profile photo
Kurt Shickman
Global Cool Cities Alliance
Greg Wikler profile photo
Greg Wikler
Dian Gruneich profile photo
Dian Grueneich
PEEC and Shultz-Stephenson Energy Policy Task Force

Is California's Energy System Resilient to Climate Change?

Louis Blumberg profile photo
Louis Blumberg
The Nature Conservancy
Jessica Fox profile photo
Jessica Fox
Electric Power Research Institute
Guido  Franco profile photo
Guido Franco
California Energy Commission
Marianna Grossman profile photo
Marianna Grossman
Minerva Ventures