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Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2016 June 3, 2016 Arrillaga Alumni Center Stanford University


Plenary Speakers

Mary Nichols profile photo
Mary Nichols
California Air Resources Board
Robert Weisenmiller profile photo
Robert Weisenmiller
California Energy Commission
Jim Sweeney profile photo
James Sweeney
Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, Stanford
Ralph Cavanaugh profile photo
Ralph Cavanagh
Senior Attorney and Co-Director of the Energy Program
Steve Chu profile photo
Steve Chu
Physics Professor, Stanford; Former U.S. Energy Secretary; Nobel laureate in physics
Daniel Kammen profile photo
Daniel Kammen
Director, Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory, UC-Berkeley
Burt Richter profile photo
Burt Richter
Emeritus director
SLAC National Laboratory; Nobel laureate in physics
Jeffrey Ball profile photo
Jeffrey Ball
Scholar in Residence
Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy & Finance
Sue Siegel profile photo
Sue Siegel
Chief Executive Officer
GE Ventures
John Carrington profile photo
John Carrington
Chief Executive Officer
Marianne Wu profile photo
Marianne Wu
Managing Director for Energy Investing
GE Ventures
Ira Ehrenpreis profile photo
Ira Ehrenpreis
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
DBL Partners

Panel Speakers

Michael Alba profile photo
Michael Alba
Global Transportation Program Manager
Martha Amran profile photo
Martha Amran
Founder and Chief Executive
Lindsay Baker profile photo
Lindsay Baker
Building Robotics, Inc.
Mike Bennon profile photo
Mike Bennon
Research Program Manager
Global Projects Center Stanford
Janice Berman profle photo
Janice Berman
Senior Director of Energy Efficiency Strategy
Jim Boyd profile photo
Jim Boyd
Boyd Group Consulting
Pat Burt profile photo
Pat Burt
City of Palo Alto
Jeff Byron profile photo
Jeff Byron
Member, Band of Angels; Former Commissioner
California Energy Commission
Chase Carpenter profile photo
Chase Carpenter
Senior Consultant
Resource Systems Group, Inc.
Jim Fieldler profile photo
Jim Fieldler
Chief Operating Officer
Water Utility Enterprise Santa Clara Valley Water District
Mike Gatto profile photo
Mike Gatto
California State Assembly
Marianna Grossman profile photo
Marianna Grossman
Founder and Managing Partner
Minerva Ventures
Dian Gruneich profile photo
Dian Grueneich
Senior Research Scholar
PEEC and Hoover Institution, Stanford
Ilan Gur profile photo
Ilan Gur
Founding Director
Cyclotron Road
Barbara Heydorn profile photo
Barbara Heydorn
Center of Excellence in Energy, SRI International
Mark Johnson profile photo
Mark Johnson
Advanced Manufacturing Office, U.S. DOE
Gabriel Kra profile photo
Gabriel Kra
Managing Director
Prelude Ventures
Kevin Kuhn profile photo
Kevin Kuhn
General Manager
Silicon Valley Branch Mitsubishi Corp. (Americas)
Ken Kurani profile photo
Ken Kurani
Associate Researcher
Institute of Transporation Studies, UC-Davis
Rich Lechner profile photo
Rich Lechner
Managing Partner
Insight Group
Rich Lechner profile photo
Nicole Lederer
Chair and Co-Founder
Environmental Entrepreneurs
Nicole Lederer profile photo
Nicole Lederer
Chair and Co-Founder
Environmental Entrepreneurs
Craig Lewis profile photo
Craig Lewis
Executive Director
Clean Coalition
Amelia Luna profile photo
Amelia Luna
Innovation Project Manager
Sherwood Design Engineers
Tanuj Mohan profile photo
Tanuj Mohan
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Pedram Mokrian profile photo
Pedram Mokrian
School of Engineering, Stanford
Cathleen Monahan profile photo
Cathleen Monahan
Senior Program Director
GRID Alternatives
William Morrow III profile photo
William Morrow III
Research Scientist
Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Division, LBNL
Phu Nguyen profile photo
Phu Nguyen
Energy and Carbon Program, Sustainable Silicon Valley
Jan Pepper profile photo
Jan Pepper
Chief Executive Officer, Peninsula Clean Energy
Member, Los Altos City Council
Debbie Raphael profile photo
Debbie Raphael
Department of the Environment, City of San Francisco
Heather Richman profile photo
Heather Richman
Senior Advisor/Strategic Partnerships
Energy Excelerator
Chris Robbins profile photo
Chris Robbins
Managing Director
Mark Samotyj profile photo
Marek Samotyj
Program Manager
Electric Power Research Institute
David Sedlak profile photo
David Sedlak
Co-Director, Berkeley Water Center;
Deputy Director, ReNUWit
Susan Shaheen profile photo
Susan Shaheen
Transportation Sustainability Research Center, UC-Berkeley
George Shultz profile photo
George Shultz
Former U.S. Secretary of State, Treasury and Labor;
Chair, Hoover Institution Energy Policy Task Force
Rod Sinks profile photo
Rod Sinks
Board Member, Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority;
Member, Cupertino City Council
Frances Spivey-Weber profile photo
Frances Spivey-Weber
Vice Char
Water Resources Control Board California EPA
Geof Syphers profile photo
Geof Syphers
Chief Executive Officer
Sonoma Clean Power
Michael Steep profile photo
Michael Steep
Sr. VP-Global Business Operations, Xerox PARC;
Member, Smart London Board
Margaret Taylor profile photo
Margaret Taylor
Research Associate, PEEC;
Project Scientist, LBNL
Melody Tovar profile photo
Melody Tovar
Operations Manager, SVCEA;
Regulatory Programs Division Manager, City of Sunnyvale
Jay Witherspoon profile photo
Jay Witherspoon
Program Manager and International Technology Director