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Values and Proenvironmental Behavior: A Five-Country Survey

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Volume 29, p.540- (1998)



This multinational study examined the relationship between values, awareness of the consequences for environmental damage, ascribed responsibility, and proenvironmental behaviors. Survey data were collected from college students in Mexico (n = 187.; Nicaragua (n = 78.; Peru (n = 160.; Spain (n = 187.; and the United States (n = 345). Measures included items from Schwartz's values instrument, self-reported proenvironmental behaviors, ascribed responsibility, the New Environmental Paradigm, and demographics. Regression analyses revealed a positive relationship between items within self-transcendence (especially the environment-oriented items) and proenvironmental behavior in Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, and the United States. Additional analyses provided partial support for the extension of Schwartz's model of norm-activation to proenvironmental behavior.