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Psychological Research and Energy Policy

Publication Type:

Journal Article


American Psychologist, Volume 36, Number 3, p.329-342 (1981)



energy efficiency


Psychologists have recently begun to show interest in energy policy issues and to conduct energy-related research.^The authors argue that psychology can provide valuable input to energy policy, but that its contribution has been impeded by psychologists general unfamiliarity with world and national energy systems.^A behaviorally oriented analysis of the US energy system is presented, and its implications for psychological research are discussed.^The analysis identifies behaviors with major conservation potential that have been little studied by psychologists.^It further suggests that subdisciplines which have not attended to energy issues could make major contributions, and that psychologists could move beyond energy-conservation concerns to make important policy contributions in areas affecting energy supply.^Finally, emphasis is given to the need to conduct research with an awareness of major long-term trends in national and global energy systems