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An Exploratory Study of Social Class and Energy Issues

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Political Behavior, Number 2, p.371-384 (1980)

URL: Houten


This paper analyzes the relationship between a Marxian class measure based upon individuals'' relations to the means of production and three types of survey items dealing with energy and conservation issues; knowledge items, attitude items, and items concerned with behavioral change. We also compare the relationship between three commonly used measures of socioeconomic status (SES) (family income, personal income, and education) and these same items regarding energy and conservation. In this manner we attempt to determine whether a particular Marxian class measure can provide insights in this issue area which are not provided by the traditional measures of SES. Contrary to previous research, our major finding is that the three traditionally accepted indicators of SES are related to many more energy and conservation items than is our measure of Marxian class.