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Are Female-Headed Households Energy Efficient: A Test of Klausners Hypothesis Among Anglo, Spanish-Speaking, and Black Texas Households

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Human Ecology, Number 7, p.191-197 (1979)



sex of household head - social order - energy efficiency - household electricity consumption - ethnicity - marital status


Klausner has hypothesized that female-headed households are less efficient in the use of energy than male-headed households because they are less disciplined and ordered. The present study used multivariate analyses to determine whether female-headed households were less efficient in the use of electrical energy than male-headed households in a representative sample of 4638 Anglo, Spanish-speaking, and black homeowning Texas households. The results indicated that, after controlling for the effects of other variables known to affect the use of electricity, sex of household head had nostatistically significant independent effect on electricity consumption in any ethnic or marital status group. The authors compare their results to those obtained by Klausner and discuss implications for social organizational theory of household energy consumption.