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The Applicability of Energy Models to Occupied Houses: Summer Electric Use in Davis

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Energy, Volume 7, Number 11, p.909-925 (1982)



Total electricity use and cooling loads for a three month cooling season (July-September, 1980) in single-family detached houses in Davis, California, are estimated and compared with measured data.^Total electricity use is estimated by predicting cooling loads and appliance electricity use using a technique approximating a relatively low cost audit program.^Cooling loads are estimated using an interpolation model to simplify application of the DOE-2.1A energy use computer model.^Appliance electricity use is derived from manufacturers` data, and patterns of appliance use are elicited from occupants through a survey.^While reasonably accurate prediction of aggregate electricity use and cooling load for a group of houses is possible, similar accuracy for individual houses is more difficult because of variation and uncertainty in occupant behavior patterns and building parameters.^The authors conclude that precise forecasting of individual house electricity use is unlikely, even when there are no changes in occupancy, unless impracticably expensive monitoring techniques are employed.