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Santa Clara County Jail: Energy Efficiency Retrofit, Monitoring and Modeling

Researchers worked with Santa Clara County Jail in California on energy retrofits and recommended a set of cost-effective efficiency improvements.
Santa Clara County Jail
Year Started: 

Santa Clara County Jail is one of four buildings studied by PEEC to compare simulation models of energy use with actual outcomes in order to improve the models. This project dealt with the more complicated and less well understood modeling of retrofits. The researchers collaborated with the jail on energy retrofits—within a modest budget—to reduce the operating costs of the jail and its greenhouse gas emissions. The team recommended a set of cost-effective efficiency improvements after extensively monitoring the building’s energy consumption, analyzing historical data and simulating 30 possible retrofits. In a smaller, follow-on project funded by PEEC, investigators are analyzing outcomes of the retrofits made and comparing them with earlier simulations.

Project Update: Santa Clara County Retrofit Project (426KB PDF)
Martin Fischer, Tobias Maile