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Projecting LED Competitiveness


The United States consumed 99.87 quadrillion BTUs of primary energy in 2006. The most recent data show that an estimated 8% was dedicated to artificial illumination. Meanwhile the past five years saw solid state lighting (SSL) technologies improve dramatically. In fact, experts have long predicted that SSL has the potential to double the efficacy (lumens per Watt) of the most efficient artificial illumination in the market today. Renewed interest in energy efficiency focuses policy makers, utilities and technology companies on efficiency improvements to general illumination, including the dynamics of the switch from vacuum tubes to semiconductors.

Final Report: Probabilistic Cost of Light Models for Solid State Lighting in General Illumination Markets (0.5MB PDF)
Brad Powley, James Sweeney

Project Abstract: The Total Cost of Light: A Predictive Model of Solid State Lighting for General Illumination (0.1MB PDF)
Dr. Jim Sweeney, Brad Powley