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Stanford Energy Behavior Initiative: Organizations


The following Stanford organizations played a central role in the initiative.


H_Star Logo

Byron Reeves, professor of communication and director of the Human-Sciences & Technologies Advanced Research Institute during the Energy Behavior Initiative's main phase, was the principal investigator for the initiative overall. H-Star helped fund the initiative and administered its finances and compliance.

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The Precourt Energy Efficiency Center funded several preliminary research projects that explored the initiative's founding theses and partly funded the initiative itself. PEEC staff coordinated and guided the initiative's component projects. PEEC's social science research scholar Carrie Armel, a national expert in behavior and energy, was the initiative's project director. James Sweeney, director of PEEC, was a co-principal investigator of the initiative and provided guidance on energy economics, systems and technology. Senior research scholar June Flora was project coordinator and supplied social sciences academic knowledge needed to guide most of the initiative's component projects.

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Pediatrician Thomas Robinson, MD, professor in child health and a pioneer in research on childhood obesity, was a co-principal investigator of the Energy Behavior Initiative. Robinson, a faculty member of the Stanford Prevention Research Center, helped transfer knowledge from his work on obesity interventions to energy efficiency for several of the initiative's projects generally and the Girl Scouts project specifically.

Center for Integrated Facility Engineering

Stanford's Center for Integrated Facility Engineering researches virtual design and construction. Martin Fischer, CIFE's director, advised several initiative project researchers on energy technologies and systems for buildings. Fischer is a professor of civil and environmental engineering, and PEEC's buildings research leader.


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