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Behavior and Decision-Making Research Related to Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

We propose to develop an interdisciplinary website and integrated literature database containing key research relevant to energy decisions and behaviors, for behaviors occurring at the individual and group levels. The goal of the site is to accelerate the adoption and sustained use of energy-efficient technologies and climate-positive actions. This will be accomplished by providing a variety of tools that enable visitors to increase the effectiveness of policies, research, and programs, and also by fostering interdisciplinary communication and work. The audience for the site will include researchers, policymakers, and program/communication designers at universities, businesses, and governmental or non-governmental organizations. The research will be compiled from currently disparate areas including psychology, behavioral economics, diffusion of innovation, marketing, program evaluation, technology commercialization, and others. As a demonstration of the use of this resource, Dr. Carrie Armel, project leader, will prepare an analytic research paper on a specific topic that explores one or more high-impact approaches for promoting energy-efficient behavior change. To the best of our knowledge, there is no similar website, database, listing of professional profiles, or organization that draws together this range of disciplines and research relating to behavior, energy efficiency, and climate change.

Behavior, Energy and Climate Change: A Solutions-Oriented Approach (0.9MB PDF)
K. Carrie Armel
Feature presentation at the February 27, 2008 session of Stanford University's Energy Forum. (Presentation Video - 148.4MB MP4, may require iTunes) Also presented at the Stanford School of Medicine on May 29, 2008. (Presentation Video - 138.9MB MP4, may require iTunes)

Project Proposal: Proposal for a Website, Database, and Academic Paper on Behavior and Decision-Making Research Related to Energy Efficiency and C (0.1MB PDF)
Dr. Carrie Armel