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Jim Sweeney discusses California climate strategy and funding for energy research in the Trump era

Leadership on fighting climate change in the United States is located outside the federal government now in state and local governments, companies, universities, and non-governmental organizations, James Sweeney tells Michael Killen in this interview on KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM. Sweeney also addressed resilience to climate change, the economics of energy efficiency, and a controversy about research finding that 100% of U.S.

Spirited debate on fracking results in tie score at SVES

Do U.S. benefits from fracking shale oil and gas outweigh the environmental costs? That was the topic of the annual lunchtime debate at PEEC's Silicon Valley Energy Summit. The environmental benefits of fracking outweigh the environmental costs, without even considering the economic and national security benefits, the "yes" side argued. Natural gas as a blue bridge to a green energy future is wishful thinking, said the "no" side, because all the gas-fired power plants being built will run for at least 50 years.

Intertemporal Incentives for Carbon Abatement:Combining Market and Nonmarket Forces

Summary. This project investigates important dynamic aspects of the regulator’s problem of implementing ambitious carbon abatement goals over a 20 to 40-year horizon, given a rational response of the private sector to boundary conditions set by the regulator. The new aspects investigated in this study include regulatory commitment, carbon-allowance trading with banking, irreversible investment in R&D, and the design of derivative carbon securities.

Increasing Energy Efficiency Behaviors among Adolescents

We propose a randomized controlled trial to test the efficacy of a theory-driven, school-based intervention to increase energy efficiency behaviors among high school students. Students in a local public high school will be randomized to receive a five-week classroom-based behavioral intervention or to serve as an untreated control group. The intervention has been developed over the past year through formative research, including piloting with representative youth.

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