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Jan 5 2015 | Scientific American | Posted In: Press
California expanded its landmark cap-and-trade program to limit carbon emissions to gasoline and diesel fuel on Jan. 1. Scientific American spoke with James Sweeney, director of PEEC and chair of the state's new Petroleum Market Advisory Committee, about how the costs will affect transportation...
Dec 12 2014 | Posted In: News
PEEC is providing seed funding for research at Stanford on waste heat.
Dec 9 2014 | Posted In: News
When new energy technologies are developed, how do you get people to use them? What market conditions are necessary for their adoption? How do you motivate consumers to use energy more efficiently?
Dec 8 2014 | Posted In: News
WASHINGTON, DC—Getting people to act in ways that could lessen climate change faces an uphill battle not only due to traditional economics, but also to behavioral economics, a founder of the latter field said at the annual Behavior, Energy & Climate Change conference.
Jun 24 2014 | Posted In: News
STANFORD, Calif.—It may have taken a while to start, but on climate change the United States is first walking the talk. The Obama administration’s moves to curb domestic emissions of greenhouse gases will provide credibility as it pursues international agreement on the issue either globally or with...