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Jun 5 2016 | Forbes | Posted In: Press
Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu thinks energy storage won't solve the reliability problems of wind and solar soon, which led him to criticize the Obama administration for neglecting nuclear power in its Clean Power Plan.
Jun 3 2016 | NY Times/Dot Earth | Posted In: Press
Precourt Energy Efficiency Center centered its annual Silicon Valley Energy Summit on a rousing and informed debate over this proposition: "The world needs a nuclear renaissance."
Apr 26 2016 | Posted In: News
Some people save energy because they care about the environment. Others just want the PopChips.
Jan 19 2016 | Energy Efficiency Markets | Posted In: Press
What do you say to those who claim that saving energy is a waste of time because of the rebound effect? NRDC's David Goldstein and Sierra Martinez explain research that shows saving energy does in fact save energy.
Oct 23 2015 | Posted In: News
In the opening of the 1960s cartoon “The Jetsons,” George does not do much driving as the family flies around in their car. They also seem to live really far from their schools, shopping and work.