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Apr 21 2017 | PolicyEd Website | Posted In: News
Using energy more efficiently has had more of an effect on our energy consumption than all of the growth in clean energy. For more information, pick up a copy of Energy Efficiency: Building a Clean, Secure Economy, by James L. Sweeney.
Mar 3 2017 | The Sacramento Bee | Posted In: Press
California has built up an excess of electricity-generation capacity in the years following the crisis of 2000-01, the Los Angeles Times recently reported. Some have sought to justify this as insurance against more shortages and blackouts.
Dec 6 2016 | Yale Climate Connections | Posted In: Press
Continued progress in energy efficiency is the most important element for California’s very ambitions climate law to succeed, James Sweeney explains in a brief article and podcast.
Nov 30 2016 | The Hill | Posted In: News
By Jim Sweeney Energy efficiency has been and will continue to be fundamental to three things President-elect Donald Trump has promised to improve – economic growth, trade deficits and national security – and one thing about which he promised to keep an open mind – climate change.
Oct 21 2016 | YouTube | Posted In: Press
It’s an election year. Are you tired of the insults and focus on personalities rather than matters of substance? Do you want to hear about and discuss energy policy facts, alternatives, pros & cons? Then come to our informed and professional discussion about where energy policy should go.