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December 6, 2016 | Yale Climate Connections
Continued progress in energy efficiency is the most important element for California’s very ambitions climate law to succeed, James Sweeney explains in a brief article and podcast.
October 21, 2016 | YouTube
It’s an election year. Are you tired of the insults and focus on personalities rather than matters of substance? Do you want to hear about and discuss energy policy facts, alternatives, pros & cons? Then come to our informed and professional discussion about where energy policy should go.
August 27, 2016 | The Mercury News
The next 15 years will likely see big changes for California residents under a new law requiring much bigger cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. "This is going to be damn hard," said Jim Sweeney. "A herculean task."
June 5, 2016 | Forbes
Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu thinks energy storage won't solve the reliability problems of wind and solar soon, which led him to criticize the Obama administration for neglecting nuclear power in its Clean Power Plan.
June 3, 2016 | NY Times/Dot Earth
Precourt Energy Efficiency Center centered its annual Silicon Valley Energy Summit on a rousing and informed debate over this proposition: "The world needs a nuclear renaissance."