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The Great Energy Debate

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October 21, 2016

It’s an election year. Are you tired of the insults and focus on personalities rather than matters of substance? Do you want to hear about and discuss energy policy facts, alternatives, pros & cons? Then come to our informed and professional discussion about where energy policy should go.

This distinguished panel of policy experts from four parties (Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians & Greens) will present and discuss their view of government policy (subsidies, incentives, taxes & regulation) in areas such as energy security, generation, efficiency, distribution, storage and transportation.

Subsidies for renewables & EVs: how much and for how long?
What role should policy play with respect to storage?
Cap & trade vs carbon tax?
How to maintain the grid?
High speed rail?

View a lively panel discussion with energy experts as they provide their take on the best policy alternatives going forward.

  • Nancy Pfund (Dem) – Founder & Managing Partner, DBL Ventures
  • Jim Sweeney (Rep) – Director, Stanford Precourt Energy Efficiency Center
  • Josh Miller (Libertarian) – EVP & Country GM, Zapper
  • Mark Roest (Green) – Energy Entrepreneur - SeaWave Battery, ex-Intel
  • Moderator: Jeff Byron – CA Energy Commissioner (2006-11), NRG, EPRI

Co-sponsored by the Energy Interest Group of the Band of Angels