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Energy Efficient Transportation
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Andreas Schafer
A. Evans
T.G. Reynolds
L. Dray
“The Opportunities and Costs for Fuel Burn Reductions in U.S. Commercial Air Transportation—An Analysis for Narrow Body Passenger Aircraft”, submitted to Transportation Researxch Part D. 
F. Joutz
Andreas Schafer
“Income Distribution Effects on U.S. Air Travel Demand”, submitted to Applied Economics.
Andreas Schafer “Long-term Trends in U.S. Passenger Travel: The Past 110 Years and the Next 90”, Transportation, in press.
Andreas Schafer
P. Kyle
R. Pietzcker
“Evaluating Energy/Economy/Environment Models with Dynamic Linear Panel Data Models—An Application for the Transportation Sector”, Climatic Change, in press.
M. Gucwa
Andreas Schafer
“The Impact of Scale on Energy Intensity in Freight Transportation”, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 23:41-49, 2013.
A. Evans
Andreas Schafer
“The Rebound Effect in the Aviation Sector”, Energy Economics, 36:158–165, 2013.
L. Dray L
Andreas Schafer
M. Ben-Akiva
“Technology Limits to Reducing Transport Sector Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, Environmental Science and Technology, 46(9): 4734–4741, 2012.
Jiyong Eom
Lee Schipper
Lou Thompson
Adam Millard-Ball
We keep on truckin’: Trends in freight energy use and carbon emissions in 11 IEA countries Published in Energy Policy
Adam Millard-Ball, Lee Schipper
Are We Reaching Peak Travel? Trends in Passenger Transport in Eight Industrialized Countries (3.0MB PDF) Preprint of an article submitted for consideration in Transport Reviews © 2011
Lee Schipper
Too Expensive to Ignore: The Real Story on Car Fuel Economy and Use (link to external website) Published by EMBARQ on July 21, 2008. Originally presented at the 2008 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting.
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