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Contributing to CARB's AB 32 Cost-Effectiveness Determination

James Sweeney (PI), John Weyant (PI), Raj Chowdhary (RA), Raghavender "Raghu" Palavadi Naga (RA), Tien-Tien Chan (RA), Amul Sathe (RA), Joe Westersund (RA), Kenneth Gillingham (RA), Amy Guy (RA), Arianna Lambie (RA), Anant Sudarshan (RA)

September 27, 2008 Discussion Draft Report: Analysis of Measures to Meet the Requirements of California’s Assembly Bill 32 (0.8MB PDF)
Jim Sweeney, John Weyant, Tien Tien Chan, Raj Chowdhary, Kenneth Gillingham, Amy Guy, Sebastien Houde, Arianna Lambie, Raghavender Palavadi Naga, Rebecca Raybin, Amul Sathe, Anant Sudarshan, Joe Westersund, Alex Yu Zheng

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