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PEEC Funded Energy Policy Research

Energy Policy Research Projects
Team Title
PI: Lanier Benkard
PI: Mar Reguant
RA: Wichsinee Wibulpolprasert
The Dynamic Effects of the Light Bulb Ban
PI: Lawrence Goulder Evaluating Design Options For Two U.S. Policies To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
PI: Thomas Weber
RA: Naveed Cherazi
Intertemporal Incentives for Carbon Abatement:Combining Market and Nonmarket Forces
PI: Matthew Harding
PI: David Rapson
Appliance Efficiency and Long-Run Energy Demand
PI: James Sweeney
PI: John Weyant
RA: Raj Chowdhary
RA: Raghavender "Raghu" Palavadi Naga
RA: Tien-Tien Chan
RA: Amul Sathe
RA: Joe Westersund
RA: Kenneth Gillingham
RA: Amy Guy
RA: Arianna Lambie
RA: Anant Sudarshan
Contributing to CARB's AB 32 Cost-Effectiveness Determination
PI: Frank Wolak
RA: Shaun McRae
Designing Mechanisms to Involve Financial Demand in Wholesale Electricity Markets
PI: Lawrence Goulder
RA: Ring Zhou
RA: Arthur van Benthem
RA: Misha Dworski
RA: Marc Hafstead
Analysis of US Policies to Improve Automobile Fuel-Economy and Reduce Gasoline Consumption and Analysis of US Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
PI: James Sweeney
RA: Amy Guy
Analyzing Risk and Return Including Energy Efficiency and Other Enabling Technologies in Clean Tech Investment Portfolios
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