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Yang Chen

Centers & Institutes:
Post Doctoral Scholar, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center

Current Research:

  • » Yang Chen has a PhD in Urban Planning and Transportation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her dissertation explores how neighborhood design influences household's direct energy consumption in Chinese cities. She is interested in understanding households’ energy-using behaviors, in order to inform energy efficiency policies from demand side, specifically, households’ direct energy use of personal travel and in-home activities. Her research involves four main aspects: (1) vehicle ownership and travel behavior; (2) residential choice; (3) lifestyle; and (4) policy implications. She was consultant and intern for the International Council on Clean Transportation, the World Bank, and Grütter Consulting. She has worked as an urban planner in Beijing, China. She has a Master in City Planning and certificate of Urban Design from the University of Pennsylvania, and B.S. in Urban and Rural Planning & Resource Management from Peking University, China.

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Yang Chen's Publications

  • 2012. Neighborhood Design and Energy Efficiency of Urban Lifestyle in China: Treating Mobility and Residence as Lifestyle Bundle (Doctoral Dissertation)
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  • Chen, Yang, and P. Christopher Zegras. 2008. Potentials and Challenges of Using Clean Development Mechanism for Transport Efficient Development: A Case Study of Nanchang, China. Presented at the ACSP-AESOP 4th Joint Congress, July 6-11, 2008, Chicago, Illinois
  • Chen, Yang, Hang Su, and Sidney Wong. 2007. Revisit the Threshold Effect of Neighborhood Change Using Multi-agent Simulation: A Case of Philadelphia. CUPUM 2007 Proceedings
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