People at PEEC

Toshiya Okamura

Centers & Institutes:
Visiting Scholar from Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Current Research:

  • » Toshiya Okamura is a visiting scholar from Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. He has been responsible in the energy efficiency promotions and renewable energy promotions in the residential market for the past 4 years in the company. He works very closely with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the regulator of energy utilities in Japan as well as Ministry of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism (MLIT), the energy efficiency regulator of housing and buildings.

    Japan is facing a serious energy crisis after Fukushima nuclear power failures from the Great East Japan earthquake and an associated tsunami in March 2011. His researches in Stanford University will help developing new strategies and energy efficiency programs during the restructuring Japan’s energy market. He is currently working on smart meters, smart homes, smart communities and energy efficiency feedback programs.