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Thomas Weber

Department Affiliation:
Assistant Professor, Stanford Department of Management Science and Engineering

Current Research:

  • » Broadly speaking, he is interested in the economics of information and uncertainty, in particular the question of how social systems, which contain one or several agents, can be modeled, designed, and controlled in the presence of uncertainty, so as to attain a certain objective (e.g., social-welfare or profit maximization).  He is particularly interested in developing new theoretical models and methods that (a) have the potential to change the way in which we approach social systems and (b) integrate different levels of analysis, sometimes represented by different academic disciplines. Methodologically he is grounded in economic theory and often use mathematical tools from variational and functional analysis, such as optimal control theory. Motivated by findings from his more applied research I have also been working on extending optimization theory, for instance by proposing a geometric approach to monotone comparative statics and adapting the Pontryagin maximum principle.



Thomas Weber's PEEC Funded Projects

Intertemporal Incentives for Carbon Abatement: Combining Market and Nonmarket Forces

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