People at PEEC

Thomas Robinson

Centers & Institutes:

  • » The Irving Schulman M.D. Endowed Professor in Child Health, Stanford Department of Pediatrics
  • » Professor of Pediatrics and of Medicine and CHP/PCOR Associate, Stanford School of Medicine
  • » Director of the Center for Healthy Weight at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford

Current Research:

  • » His research is largely experimental in design, conducting school-, family- and community-based randomized controlled trials to test the efficacy and/or effectiveness of theory-driven behavioral, social and environmental interventions to prevent and reduce obesity, improve nutrition, increase physical activity and decrease inactivity, reduce smoking, reduce children's television and media use, and demonstrate causal relationships between hypothesized risk factors and health outcomes. Robinson's research is grounded in social cognitive models of human behavior, uses rigorous methods, and is performed in generalizable settings with diverse populations, making the results of his research more relevant for clinical and public health practice and policy.



Thomas Robinson's PEEC Funded Projects

Increasing Energy Efficiency Behaviors among Adolescents

Thomas Robinson's Publications

Definition of Metobolic Syndrome in Preadolescent Girls.  CH Chi, Y Wang, DM Wilson, Thomas N. Robinson.  Journal of Pediatrics vol. 148, 6 (2006).

Does Children’s Screen Time Predict Requests for Advertised Products?  Cross-sectional and Prospective Analyses.  LJ Chamberlain, Y Wang, Thomas N. Robinson.  Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine vol. 160, 4 (2006).

Are Certain Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial Structures Misleading Clinical and Policy Decisions?  HC Kraemer, Thomas N. Robinson.  Contemporary Clinical Trials vol. 26, 5 (2005).

Preventing Childhood Obesity: A Solution-Oriented Research Paradigm.  Thomas N. Robinson, JR Sirard.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine vol. 28, 2 Suppl 2 (2005).

Major Depression Among Adolescent Smokers Undergoing Treatment of Nicotine Dependence.  JD Killen, Thomas N. Robinson, S Ammerman, C Hayward, J Rogers, D Samuels, AF Schatzberg.  Psychology of Addictive Behaviors vol. 29, 8 (2004).