People at PEEC

Sarah Billington

Department Affiliation:
Clare Booth Luce Associate Professor, Stanford Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Current Research:

  • » Prof. Billington's research focuses on sustainable, durable construction materials and their application to structures and construction. Two current areas of focus are damage-tolerant, high-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composite materials, and bio-based fiber-reinforced polymeric composites that have a closed loop life-cycle. Additonal research in her group includes performance-based earthquake engineering assessment of self-centering bridge piers for seismic design; advanced nonlinear simulation of structural concrete systems, and; photo-based integrity analysis of damage in structural concrete.



Sarah Billington's PEEC Funded Projects

Energy Efficient Biodegradable Foams for Structural Insulated Panels

Sarah Billington's Publications

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Billington, SL (2009) "Evaluation of Sequentially Linear Finite Element Analysis to Simulate Nonlinear Behavior in Mortar and Engineered Cementitious Composites in Flexure," ACI Special Publication 265-12, to appear in November.

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