People at PEEC

Mike Dvorak

Department Affiliation:
Research Assistant and Ph.D Student, Stanford Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Atmosphere/Energy Program

Current Research:

  • » Mike’s main area of research is quantifying where and how much offshore wind energy exists in the US and the world. He is currently working on quantifying the wind energy off the Western and Eastern Coasts of the United States.



Mike Dvorak's PEEC Funded Projects

Analyzing and Optimizing Supply and Demand of Intermittent Renewable Electricity through Transmission Load Flow Modeling

Mike Dvorak's Publications

California offshore wind energy potential. In press, Renewable Energy (2009), doi:10.1016/j.renene.2009.11.022. 2009
Dvorak, M.J., C.L. Archer, and M.Z. Jacobson

Earth, Wind, and GRASS: A multifaceted approach to engineering problem solving using open source, free, and cheap GIS. GIS Special Interest Group, Stanford University. 4 December 2008.