People at PEEC

Kenneth Goodson

Department Affiliation:
Professor, Stanford Department of Mechanical Engineering

Centers & Institutes:
Co-founder, Cooligy
Associate Editor, ASME Journal of Heat Transfer
Editor-in-chief, Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering

Current Research:

  • » The Goodson group studies thermal transport phenomena with very small length and time scales. Applications include nanoscale semiconductor devices, phase change memory, energy conversion devices such as solar/photovoltaics and thermoelectrics, and two-phase microfluidic heat sink technology.



Kenneth Goodson's PEEC Funded Projects

Novel Materials and Packaging for Thermoelectric Waste-Heat Recovery in Buildings and Transportation Systems

Kenneth Goodson's Publications

Impact of Thermal Boundary Resistance in Change Memory Devices. IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 29, No. 10, October 2008.
Reifenberg, John P., Kencke, David L., and Goodson, Kenneth E.

Thermal resistance between low-dimensional nanostructures and semi-infinite media.  Journal of Applied Physics 103, 2008.
Panzar, Matthew A., and Goodson, Ken E

Ordering Up the Minimum Thermal Conductivity of Solids.  Science 315, 342 (2007).
Goodson, K.E., et. al. 

Heat generation and transport in nanometer scale transistors.  Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume 94, 2006.
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Integrated microchannel cooling for three-dimensional circuit architectures.   ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Volume 127, 2005.
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