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Jim Sweeney

James Sweeney

Department Affiliation:
Professor of Management Science and Engineering

Centers & Institutes:
Director of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research; Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace; Energy Modeling Forum

Area of Work:
Energy; Climate and Atmosphere; Environment; Energy Economics and Policy

Current Research:

  • » Economic and environmental effects of environmental policies
  • » Implications of environmental policy for technological innovation



James Sweeney's PEEC Funded Projects

Energy Economics and Policy, Stochastic Modeling of Electric Systems

Incentives and Politics of Utility-Based Energy Efficiency Programs in California

Projecting LED Competitiveness

Deconstructing the "Rosenfeld Curve"

Contributing to CARB's AB 32 Cost-Effectiveness Determination

Analyzing Risk and Return Including Energy Efficiency and Other Enabling Technologies in Clean Tech Investment Portfolios

James Sweeney's Publications

Learning-by-Doing and the Optimal Solar Policy in California (0.2MB PDF)
Arthur van Benthem, Kenneth Gillingham, James Sweeney
Published in The Energy Journal, International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE). July, 2008.

Low Carbon Growth: Our Ethical Responsibility (0.3MB PDF)
James L. Sweeney
Published in Development Outreach, World Bank Institute. April 2008.

James Sweeney's Presentations

Thinking About Energy Efficiency (
James Sweeney
Presented at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. January 28, 2010.

Energy Problems; Energy Policy; Energy Efficiency (0.3MB PDF)
James Sweeney
Presented at Classes Without Quizzes. Homecoming Weekend, October 10, 2008.

Cost-effectiveness Analysis of AB 32 Measures (0.5MB PDF)
James Sweeney
Presented at Energy Summit 2008. July 11, 2008.

A Cost-effectiveness Analysis of AB 32 Measures (Revised) (0.2MB PDF)
Professor James (Jim) Sweeney
Presented at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Economic Analysis Technical Stakeholder Working Group Meeting on Cost Effectiveness of AB 32 Implementation. June 3, 2008.

Energy Efficiency and Energy Policy (0.3MB PDF)
James Sweeney
Presented at the 2007 National Association for Business Economics (NABE) Annual Meeting. September 10, 2007.

Published Interviews with James Sweeney

Sustaining Energy Efficiency for a 'Greener' World (0.5MB PDF)
E. Kristine Klavers
Published in FUEL, Hart Energy. Third Quarter, 2007.