People at PEEC

Frances N. Sprei

Centers & Institutes:
Visiting Scholar, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center

Area of Work:
Energy Efficiency in residential buildings, Personal transportation


Frances Sprei has a PhD in Energy and Environment from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. She has background in both engineering physics and human ecology. Her areas of research are end-use energy efficiency in residential buildings and personal transportation, strategies for reducing carbon emissions from personal cars, interdisciplinary trend analysis. In her thesis she studied in detail the interaction between different car parameters and fuel consumption in new cars sold in Sweden from 1975 until today, with a focus on what share of technological development resulted in actual lower fuel consumption. She is currently comparing transportation policies between the USA and Europe with a special focus on California and Sweden Frances has been teaching both at undergraduate and graduate level in energy efficiency, resource management, and principles of sustainable development. She has held a number of public lectures to companies, organizations, and the Swedish parliament. In 2011 she received the Jan-Eric Sundgren award for valuable contributions to sustainable development.