People at PEEC

Erica Plambeck

Department Affiliation:
Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Centers & Institutes:
Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment
Spence Faculty Scholar

Current Research:

  • » She is an expert in manufacturing operations and supply chain management, and her current research focuses on environmental sustainability.



Erica Plambeck's PEEC Funded Projects

Identifying and Mitigating Structural Barriers to Diffusion of Energy-Saving Technologies in the Building Industry

Supply Chain Design under Uncertain Production and Transportation Costs (Influenced by Climate and Energy Policy)

Erica Plambeck's Publications

Effects of E-Waste Regulation on New Product Introduction, Management Science, Vol. 55, No. 3, March 2009, pp. 333–347.
Plambeck, E.L. and Q. Wang

Simple Relational Contracts for Capacity Investment: Price-Only vs. Quantity-Commitment Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 9 94-113 (2007).
Taylor, T.A. and Plambeck, E.L.

The Greening of Wal-Mart's Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management Review  July/August 18-25, 2007.
Plambeck, E.L.