People at PEEC

Elaine Hart

Department Affiliation:
Graduate student, Stanford Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Current Research:

  • » Grid integration of large-scale renewable energy technologies: The intermittency of renewable generation technologies like wind and solar power is anticipated to pose significant political, financial, and technological challenges to large-scale grid integration efforts. Her work is focused on the application of stochastic optimization to the design of generation portfolios that adequately accommodate the intermittency of very large renewable systems using conventional technology.



Elaine Hart's PEEC Funded Projects

Analyzing and Optimizing Supply and Demand of Intermittent Renewable Electricity Through Transmission Load Flow Modeling

Elaine Hart's Publications

"Planning a Target Renewable Portfolio Using Atmospheric Modeling and Stochastic Optimization," American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 2009.
E. K. Hart and M. Z. Jacobson

"Pushing the Limits of the Grid: Aggressive Wind Energy Penetration Scenarios," AWEA Windpower Conference, Chicago, IL, 2009.
E. K. Hart, M. Dvorak, and M. Z. Jacobson