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Eduardo Miranda

Department Affiliation:
Associate Professor, Stanford Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Current Research:

  • » Miranda's research involves development of knowledge and tools to integrate structural engineering with construction and management engineering in order to design projects that perform better, are faster to build and are more economical to design, build and maintain. Other areas of research include performance-based engineering and earthquake engineering.



Eduardo Miranda's PEEC Funded Projects

Creating More Sustainable Decisions and Behaviors through New Processes and Focused Interventions

Eduardo Miranda's Research

Planning and visualization for automated robotic crane erection processes in construction.  Kang, ShihChung; Miranda, Eduardo.

Modeling considerations in probabilistic performance-based seismic evaluation: Case study of the I-800 viaduct.  Miranda, Eduardo, et. al.

Evaluation of damping reduction factors for estimating elastic response of structures with high damping.  Miranda, Eduardo, et. al.

Estimation for floor acceleration demands in high-rise buildings during earthquakes.  Miranda, Eduardo, et. al.