People at PEEC

David Rapson

Department Affiliation:
Professor, UC Davis, Dept. of Economics

Current Research:

  • » Specializes in the fields of industrial organization and energy/environmental economics.
  • » Currently working on the following papers:
    • "Measuring the Indirect Land Use Effects of Ethanol"
    • "The Principal Agent Problem and Tenant Electricity Use"
    • "Carbon Offsets: Evaluating Consumer Preferences for Conservation”
    • "Does the Internet Reduce Transaction Costs? A Structural Analysis of the Used Car Market"


David Rapson's PEEC Funded Projects

Appliance Efficiency and Long-Run Energy Demand

David Rapson's Publications

"Comparing Average and Marginal Tax Rates under the FairTax and the Current System of Federal Taxation," (with Laurence Kotlikoff) in John Diamond and George Zodrow, eds., Fundamental Tax Reform: Issues, Choices, and Implications, MIT Press 2008.

"Does It Pay, at the Margin, to Work and Save? Measuring Effective MarginalTaxes on Americans' Labor Supply and Savings," Tax Policy and the Economy, NBER Volume, MIT Press, Volume 21, 2007