People at PEEC

PEEC Affiliated Faculty

The affiliated faculty includes all whose research and outreach activities are funded by PEEC. In addition, it includes a larger group who understand the importance of energy efficiency, who wish to maintain close communication with PEEC, and who participate in PEEC activities.

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Joint Program in Design

Department of Economics

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Management Science and Engineering

  • Diane Bailey
  • Stephen Barley
  • Robert Carlson
  • Samuel Chiu
  • Kathy Eisenhardt
  • Warren Hausman
  • Ronald Howard
  • Hillard Huntington
  • Ramesh Johari
  • Warner North
  • Michael Saunders
  • Ross Shachter
  • James Sweeney
  • Robert Sutton
  • Edison Tse
  • Benjamin Van Roy
  • Thomas Weber
  • John Weyant
  • Yinyu Ye

Department of Mechanical Engineering

School of Medicine

Department of Energy Resources Engineering

  • Khalid Aziz
  • Sally Benson
  • Margot Gerritsen

Graduate School of Business

School of Law

  • Meg Caldwell
  • Thomas Heller
  • Barton Thompson

Department of Psychology