2012 Spring Sustainable Transportation Seminar Series


The Sustainable Transportation Seminar series is designed to foster a community of faculty, researchers and students around the theme of sustainable transportation policy, systems and solutions. One of the main goals of the seminar is to prepare and inspire students for their thesis.

The presenter has 20 minutes to present a seminar in a chosen topic. We welcome work in progress or in formulation stages. Presentation is followed by 40 minutes of open discussion among attendants.

The seminar was initiated by Dr Lee Schipper, senior researcher at PEEC and prominent figure in the world of sustainable transportation. He passed away on August 16th 2011 and is dearly missed!

To receive updates about the seminar please register at:

Spring term 2012 chedule

Date Speaker Topic
March 30 Margaret Taylor,
The California ZEV program and innovation
April 13 Steve Raney,
Cities 21
Efficient Palo Alto of the Future
April 20 Micah Fuller,
UC Davis
Wireless power transfer –addressing range and recharge of EVs
April 27 Steven Shladover,
UC Berkeley
Vehicle automation and synergies with roadway electrification
May 4 Diana Ginnebaugh
E85 and air pollution
May 11    
May 18 Michael Gucwa,
Energy efficiency and freight
May 25 Adrian Albert,
Modeling the demand for freight transportation in the US
June 1 Jiang Lin,
The Energy Foundation
Examples of sustainable Chinese urban development


For more information or if you want to present at the seminar please contact:

Ram Rajagopal
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Construction Engineering Management and Atmosphere/Energy Programs
Stanford University
Yang & Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building, Room 295
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305

Frances Sprei
Visiting Scholar
Precourt Energy Efficiency Center
Stanford University
Yang & Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building, Room 387
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305

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