BECC 2011   |   November 30 - December 2, 2011   |   Washington, DC

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Tuesday, November 29, Kick-Off & Networking Event
Wednesday Morning, November 30, Opening Plenary and Concurrent Sessions 1
Wednesday Afternoon, November 30, Concurrent Sessions 2 (1:45-3:15)
Wednesday Afternoon, November 30, Concurrent Sessions 3 (3:45-8:00)
Thursday Morning, December 1, Plenary & Concurrent Sessions 4
Thursday Afternoon, December 1, Concurrent Sessions 5 (1:45-3:15)
Thursday Afternoon, December 1, Concurrent Sessions 6 (3:45-7:00)
Friday Morning, December 2, Concurrent Sessions 7 & Closing Plenary
Friday Afternoon, December 2, Post Conference Event
Poster Presentations Wednesday, November 30
Poster Presentations Thursday, December 1

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 6:15 – 7:15

  1. Decreasing College Students' Energy Usage Through a Normative Campaign - Patricia Aloise-Young, Colorado State University
  2. Adoption of Energy-Saving Technology in the Building Industry - Joy Altwies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  3. Moving Beyond Community Outreach in a Community-Based Outreach Program - Kessie Avseikova, Opinion Dynamics
  4. The Role of Initial Rating in Designing Energy Conservation Feedback - Michael Baeriswyl, ETH Zurich
  5. Smart Home Energy Manager - Driving Persistent Behavior Change with Automation and a Sticky, Adaptive User Interface - John Beane, Honeywell
  6. Power Smart Pricing - Hourly Pricing for Residential Customers Made Easy - David Becker, CNT Energy
  7. Envision: Charlotte & Smart Energy Now: Achieving Commercial Efficiency Through Information & Behavior - Candace Damon, HR&A Advisors, Inc.
  8. The Role of Tenants in Making Rental Towers More Energy Efficient - Runa Das, Ryerson University
  9. Customer & Environmental Benefits of California Smart Grid Plans - James Fine, Environmental Defense Fund
  10. Handbills, Mailers, Websites, and Door-to-Door Outreach An Experiment and How-To Guide for Social Marketing - Juri David Freeman, Skumatz Economic Research Associates
  11. Code-Sper the Friendly Ghost: A Phantom Presence With a Big Impact - Rachel Friesen, PECI
  12. How Does Behavior Impact the Load Curve . . . And the Other Way Around? The TV Case. - Arnaud Grandjean, EDF R&D
  13. How "Diffusion of Innovations" Theory Explain Homeowner's Decision in an Innovative House Retrofit Program? - Mohammad Halimi, State University of New York
  14. Behavior Implications in the Design and Operations of Commercial Buildings - Christine Hammer, Sustainable Design + Behavior
  15. Driving Behavior Change Through Targeted Messaging - Rachel Hansen, PECI
  16. Program Design Approaches and Experiences for Behavior Based Efficiency Programs - Jan Harris, Navigant
  17. People Are People: Environmental Behaviors at Home and at Work - Karen Healey, PECI
  18. Lessons My Mother Taught Me About HVAC Maintenance - Kristin Heinemeier, Western Cooling Efficiency Center
  19. Making Home Performance Fun, Easy and Popular - Stuart Hickox, One Change Foundation
  20. Building Expertise: A System of Professions Approach to Low-Carbon Refurbishment - Kathryn Janda, Oxford University
  21. A Framework for Relating Behavioral Biases to Energy Policy Options - Thomas Jenkin, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  22. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR In-A-Box - Emily Kemper, PECI
  23. Understanding the Uptake and Impact of Residential Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems on Vancouver Island, British Columbia - Charles Krusekopf, Royal Roads University
  24. A Preliminary Study of Impact of Occupant Behavior and Climate Change on Energy Use of Office Buildings - Hung-Wen Lin, Industrial Technology Research Institute
  25. Incentives and the Overjustification Effect in Promoting Sustainable Energy Consumption - Claire-Michelle Loock, ETH Zurich
  26. The Role of Proximity in Reference Groups in Motivating Persistent Energy Savings - Claire-Michelle Loock, ETH Zurich
  27. Scenarios to Promote Solar Energy Efficient Technologies, Systems and Practices in rural coastal areas: Policy Developments and Planning Issues - Tibisay Lugo, Consulate General of Venezuela
  28. The Demand for Recycling Among a Changing Population in Maine - Sarah J. Marrinan, University of Maine; School of Economics
  29. Untapped Plug Load Energy Savings Opportunities in Two Commerical Offices: Results from a Field Metering Study - Cat Mercier, Ecos
  30. Filling the Gap: Measuring Americans’ Energy Knowledge and Opinions - Joe Murphy, RTI International
  31. Community Power! A Utility's Community Approach to Energy Efficiency - Suzanne Oversvee, Snohomish County PUD #1
  32. Rethinking Cool: Design Guidelines for Climate Control Devices - Daniel Perry, University of Washington
  33. Modeling Energy User Behavior Change - Katherine Randazzo, Opinion Dynamics Corporation
  34. Disclosing Practices to Promote Behavioral Change: Students' Perceptions, Values and Environmental Attitudes Toward Energy Use and Conservation - Margarida Rebelo, LNEC
  35. A Research Agenda for Smart Home Control - Ian Rowlands, University of Waterloo
  36. Stove Use Monitors (SUMs): Energy Use Verification Devices for Biomass Stoves - Ilse Ruiz-Mercado, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California Berkeley
  37. From Contemplation to Energy Saving Action: Preliminary Test of a New Model of Behavior Change - Olga Sachs, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE
  38. Tapping Directly into the Motivations of HVAC Contractors For High Efficiency Practices: Smart Contractors Versus the 'Joe Crash Bangs' - Edward Smyth, KEMA
  39. The Art and Science of Segmentation: Replicating Segmentation Findings in the California Residential Market - Mersiha Spahic, Research Into Action
  40. Signaling of Regulator Preferences in California's Energy Efficiency Rulemaking - James Stewart, The Cadmus Group
  41. A Data Driven, Social Platform for Synchronized Change in Health Behavior - Neil Wasserman, HealthCentive Corp.
  42. Who Gives a Dam? Mainers' Tradeoff Between Hydroelectricity and Offshore Wind Power - Megan Wibberly, University of Maine School of Economics
  43. Connecting Awareness to Action in Institutional Settings - Amy Wolfe, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  44. C-Life - Designing Services for Sustainable Urban Development - Jan-Christoph Zoels, Experientia