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Poster Session Details w/ Downloadable Abstracts

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Screening and Prioritizing Opportunities for Energy Savings Through Behavioral Change (0.2MB)
Jennifer Amann, ACEEE
Behavior, Energy and Climate Change: Current and Emerging Ideas in Policy, Programs and Research (0.2MB)
Karen Ehrhardt, ACEEE
Residential Behavioural Market Test Findings (0.2MB)
Gareth Clarke, BC Hydro
Catalyst Market Test Findings (0.2MB)
Arien Korteland, BC Hydro
Advanced Carbon Footprinting Tools for US Households, Businesses and Local Governments (0.2MB)
Chris Jones, Berkeley Institute of the Environment at the University of California, Berkeley
Environmental and Social Metrics: Getting the Most Out of Greenhouse Gas Performance Measurement and Communication (0.2MB)
Jane Obbagy, The Cadmus Group, Inc.
California Climate Champions: Young Role Models Raising Awareness of Climate Change (0.2MB)
Rebecca Filbey, California Air Resources Board
The CARB Toolkit for Facilitating GHG Reductions among Small California Businesses (0.2MB)
Kyra Naumoff, California Air Resources Board
AB 32 Scoping Plan: Reducing California's Carbon Footprint... How Can You Be Part Of The Solution? (0.2MB)
Tabetha Willmon, California Air Resources Board
The Green Lease: Overcoming Split Incentives for Rental Housing (0.2MB)
Beth Williams, Cambridge Energy Alliance
Codesign Panels: Online, Collaborative Customer Participation in Designing Solutions for Behavior Change (0.2MB)
Peter Honebein, Customer Performance Group, LLC
Unplug or the Bear Drowns: How a Polar Bear Animation Changes Attitudes Towards Energy Reduction (0.2MB)
Lorie Loeb, Dartmouth College +
Educating State Legislatures about Behavioral Change Potentials and the Ease of Transitioning to a Lower Carbon Economy (0.2MB)
Peter Meyer, The E.P. Systems Group
Target Practice: Using Segmentation to Drive Behavior Change (0.2MB)
Stephanie Cary, E Source
Get 'er Done! Understanding and Influencing Organizational Decision Making in Order to Execute Energy Efficiency Measures (0.2MB)
Mike Bailey, Ecos
Using Experimental Design to Improve Energy Efficiency Programs (0.2MB)
Stephan George, Freeman, Sullivan & Co.
Increasing Residential Energy Awareness with Disaggregated Real-time Feedback (0.2MB)
Lassi Liikkanen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Effective Energy Savings Through the Use of Business Intelligence Software (0.2MB)
Gerald Church, Incuity Software Inc.
The Influence of a Solar Water Heater on Residential Hot Water Use Patterns (0.2MB)
Heidi Ochsner, Itron
A Modeling Framework for Decision Support: Bridging the Gap Between Earth Science & Socio-Economics (0.2MB)
Robert G. Chamberlain, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Within, and Beyond Consumer Choices (0.2MB)
Bin Shui, Joint Global Change Research Institute (PNL)
Motivating Communities and Corporations: Best Practices (0.2MB)
Valerie Nibler, KEMA
Radical Rethinking in Building Energy Forecasting - The Open Source Stochastic Building Simulation Tool SLBM (0.2MB)
Michael Stadler, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Small Scale Production of Electricity - A Trend for the Future? (0.2MB)
Maria Tengvard, Linkoping University, Sweden, Department of Technology and Social Change
Skewed Perceptions of Effectiveness: Recycling to Stop Global Warming (0.2MB)
Christie Manning, Macalester College
Cooperative Energy Futures: Sustainable Energy Solutions to Engage the Community (0.2MB)
Jason Rodney, Macalester College
Multiple Stakeholders... (0.2MB)
Carlos H. Betancourth, Marstel-Day
Anthropological Insights into the Design and Evaluation of Sustainable Built Environments (0.2MB)
Marcel Harmon, ME Group, Inc.
Beliefs Regarding Climate Change Causes and Energy-related Mitigation (0.2MB)
Kathleen E. Halvorsen, Michigan Technological University
Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures in Detached Houses: Perception of Homeowners (0.2MB)
Leif Gustavsson, Mittuniversitetet, Ecotechnology Group
Role of External Factors on Adoption of Energy Efficiency Measures in Swedish Detached Houses (0.2MB)
Leif Gustavsson, Mittuniversitetet, Ecotechnology Group
Applying the Human Factor to Canada's Energy Future: Behaviour Assumptions in National Energy Modeling (0.2MB)
Ken Newel, National Energy Board of Canada
Promoting Behavior Change Through K-12 Educational Programs (0.2MB)
Barry Scott, The NEED Project: National Energy Education Development
Fairweather Friend? How to Sustain Support for Climate Change Action in Tough Economic Times (0.2MB)
Stuart Hickox, One Change/Project Porchlight
Market Analysis for "Healthy Air" HVAC System in California (0.2MB)
Jennifer Palmer, ORNL
Condoms and CFLs: Environmental Behavior Change Lessons from Public Health (0.2MB)
Kimberly Rovin, Population Action International
Showcasing of PIEE's Behavior Website (link to website)
Annika Todd, Precourt Institute for Energy Efficiency at Stanford University
Climate Change and California's Regulatory and Planning Institutions (0.2MB)
Louise Bedsworth, Public Policy Institute of California
Checking the Pulse of Oregonians (0.2MB)
Jane Peters, Research Into Action and Energy Trust of Oregon
Maximum Energy Savings in Industry by Combined Technical and Behavioural Access (0.2MB)
Peter Sattler, Sattler Energie Consulting GmbH
A New "Twist" on Motivating Customers to Use CFL's (0.2MB)
Anne Ducey, Seattle City Light
The Effectiveness of City Climate Planning (0.2MB)
Adam Millard-Ball, Stanford University, Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
Utilizing a GIS-based Tool to Link Public and Utility Data for Increasing the Effectiveness of Municipal GHG Initiatives (0.2MB)
Tim Hillman, Symbiotic Engineering
UC Berkeley's Campus Climate Dashboard (0.2MB)
Omar Khan & Sam Borgeson, University of California, Berkeley/BIE
Behavioral and Technological Tradeoffs in Household Energy Conservation: A Case Study in Davis, CA (0.2MB)
Julia Silvis, University of California, Davis
Does Sustainable Neighborhood Design Hold Up Over Time? (0.2MB)
Debbie Niemeier, University of California, Davis
Re-Learning to Dwell: Educating Users of Low-Energy Residential Units (0.2MB)
Ralph Hammann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hedonic Price Model for Light-Duty Vehicles: Consumer's Valuation of Automotive Fuel Economy (0.2MB)
Qin Fan, University of Maine
The Impacts of Automotive Greenhouse Gas Policies on Emissions and Materials Flows (0.1MB)
Katie Whitefoot, University of Michigan
Understanding Factors That Influence Individuals Willingness to Act to Reduce Climate Change (0.2MB)
Alison Dimond, University of Montana, College of Forestry and Conservation
Earthscan Book Display
Bob Doppelt, University of Oregon
Feedback Loops for Climate Change in Architectural Education (0.2MB)
Alison Kwok, University of Oregon
Understanding and Harnessing Pro-environmental Motivations (0.2MB)
Dan Dolderman, University of Toronto
Encouraging, Enacting, and Sustaining Conservation Behaviour at the University of Toronto (0.2MB)
Stuart Chan, University of Toronto, Sustainability Office
The Impact of a Home Energy Management System Upon Residential Electricity Consumption: A Canadian Case-Study (0.2MB)
Ian Rowlands, University of Waterloo
Geographic Targeting & Social Marketing (0.2MB)
Jon Floyd, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Uses of Solar Installation Data (0.2MB)
Liz Merry, Verve Solar Consulting
Household Electricity Conservation in a supply shortage In New Zealand (0.1MB)
Sally Blackwell, Victoria University of Wellington
Costs and Savings of Appliance Turn-In Programs Versus Dynamic Minimum Energy Performance Standards (0.2MB)
Nanna Sagbauer, Vienna University of Technology, Energy Economics Group
Visible Energy: Building a Web 2.0 Information Marketplace for Reducing Energy Consumption (0.2MB)
George Koch, Visible Energy, Inc.
The VPGEO: Visualization of Behavior, Home Energy Efficiency and Distributed Billing (0.2MB)
Maurice van Putten, Research Laboratories B.V.
What One Holds Dear, One Will Protect: Reconnecting Adults with the Natural World (0.2MB)
Linda Ramey, Wright State University