Energy Efficient Cross-Cutting Working Papers, Publications, & Presentations

Authors Title
Erin Baker "Option Value and the Diffusion of Energy Efficient Products" (0.4MB PDF) Published in The Energy Journal, Vol. 33, No. 4.
James Sweeney "Climate Speculations" Review of Climatopolis by Matthew E. Kahn. (0.9MB PDF) Published in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2011.
Danny Cullenward
Lee Schipper
Anant Sudarshan
Richard Howarth
"Psychohistory Revisited: Fundamental Issues in Forecasting Climate Futures", (0.9MB PDF) Publication forthcoming in the journal "Climate Change", November 2010.
James Sweeney Thinking About Energy Efficiency ( Presented at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, January 28, 2010.
James Sweeney Energy Problems; Energy Policy; Energy Efficiency (0.3MB PDF) Presented at Classes Without Quizzes. Homecoming Weekend, October 10, 2008.
James L. Sweeney Low Carbon Growth: Our Ethical Responsibility (0.3MB PDF) Published in Development Outreach, World Bank Institute. April 2008.
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