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Energy Efficient Buildings Research Projects
Team Title
PI: Raymond E. Levitt
PI: Erica L. Plambeck
RA: Dana Gavrieli
Identifying and Mitigating Structural Barriers to Diffusion of Energy-Saving Technologies in the Building Industry
PI: Gianluca Iaccarino
PI: Martin Fischer
RA: Erin Hult
Towards Improved Energy Simulation Tools for Buildings - Improving airflow parameterizations within energy simulation using CFD and building measurements
PI: Martin Fischer
PI: John Haymaker
PI: Vladimir Bazjanac
RA: Victor Gane
Improving Energy Efficiency of High-Rises through Requirements Driven Parametric Modeling
PI: Martin Fischer
RA: Tobias Maile
Santa Clara County Jail-Energy Efficiency Retrofit, Monitoring, and Modeling
PI: Martin Fischer
PI: John Haymaker
RA: Benjamin Welle
An Integrated Conceptual Design Process for Energy, Thermal Comfort, and Daylighting
PI: Curtis Frank
PI: Sarah Billington
Energy-Efficient Biodegradable Foams for Structural Insulated Panels
PI: Martin Fischer
PI: Vladimir Bazjanac, LBNL
RA: Tobias Maile
Conditions for Comparison of Predicted and Measured Operational Performance of HVAC Systems
PI: John Haymaker
RA: Benjamin Welle
Process Integration and Design Optimization in Support of Energy Efficient, High Performance Building Design
PI: Clyde "Bob" Tatum
RA: Brian Gilligan
Increasing the Effectiveness of Investigation, Definition and Execution of Retrofit Projects to Increase Building Energy Efficiency
PI: John Haymaker
PI: Caroline Clevenger
Improving Energy Efficient AEC Decision Making Through Statistical, Model-Based, Search of Multidisciplinary Impacts
PI: Andrea Goldsmith
PI: Stephen Boyd
Faculty: Hamid Aghajan
RA: Itai Katz
RA: Huang Lee
Wireless Sensor Networks Technology for Smart Buildings
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