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  • Fully browsable and searchable
  • Citations from peer-reviewed journals, books, reports, and conference proceedings
  • Abstracts when available
  • Links to help you find online sources of complete works (e.g., article PDFs)
  • Ability to export citations in a number of popular formats
  • Citations added and database improved on an on-going basis

The current contents of the database, which includes approximately 800 citations, are an initial pass at gathering relevant literature. We believe that providing access to the database sooner rather than later, even in its incomplete form, is of benefit to the community. We apologize for omissions of relevant citations and emphasize that they are not an indication of the works' relevance or importance. We hope that you will email us with any suggestions, and we look forward to continually improving the database.

When possible, direct access to the complete text of the references is made available. For books, a link to Google Books search results is included in the record. Google Books often allows one to read significant portions of a book and makes purchase links readily available. For all other reference types, a link to Google Scholar search results is included in the record. The multiple results often returned by Google Scholar enable every user to obtain access to the greatest number of publications – for example, users without institutional copyright access to a journal article will have a better chance of finding a source with unrestricted full-text access, and users with institutional access will typically be able to access the journal through several different publishers (which is useful because articles at any single publisher are not always accessible for technical reasons).

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